Organizational Development for Project Management Excellence

erfolg_replizierbar_eIn many companies multiple projects run parallel to daily business – every day. Project management know-how and a supporting organizational environment therefore become prerequisites for continuously efficient project work and exploitation of synergies. So it makes sense to internally build up this know-how as well as a project supporting organization and infrastructure.

An Expert in project management and project organization can help to ease and accelerate this process significantly:

  • by training your employees in project management methodology according to the Project Management Institute (PMI) and even preparing them for a PMI certification;
  • With process and form templates and tools;
  • With the development and implementation of an organizational unit that either supports project managers with their routine tasks (Project Office or “PO”), or actively takes over administrative tasks, e.g. maintain and further develop the PM system or
  • With building up a pool of project management specialists (Project Management Office or “PMO”).

This implementation is accompanied by an adequate Change Management, also involving the functional departments in the new organization concept.

So the PM system, PMO and/or PO become quickly and efficiently a guaranty for Operational Excellence in all projects within the company and can additionally optimize the resource utilization in multi-project situations.

Keep the things in your hands, increase effectiveness and efficiency of your projects by building internal PM competencies ! We are here to assist you.

Learn more about the topic in the additional brochure here. To download please click the PDF icon:pdf_icon