PM Professionals for our Partners

was-koennen-tun_eYou are a freelance project manager, have long years of experience in project management and a solid methodology base which you ideally could substantinate with an acknowledged certification of a leading project management organization? You are looking for a new sophisticated project management challenge or for a request, that you cannot cover yourself, an adequate substitute? At PM Professionals you will find both !

Your advantages:
  • You don’t loose your customer because you cannot serve him due to lacking capacities
  • You have access to a network of professional, skilled project managers with a multitude of expertises
  • Other colleagues’ pipelines also provide interesting oportunities for you resp. your skill set
  • You don’t pay for unnecessary overhead or contract chains, neither does the customer. Thus your service stays monetarily attractive, for you and the customer, fair and transparent
  • You have a person to talk to for contract, payment and escalation

Our offering: We learn to know each other and record your profile. In case that we have a suitable request for you we together taylor a proposal for the customer and introduce you personally to discuss and clarify the mutual expectations.

The same, fair way we go if you are looking for a professional substitute for a open opportunity you acquired which we submit into our network. There are only direct leads, and it is only the lead’s direct provider you may “participate” a little.

Only when we have a common understanding of the assignment we will talk about the price. The cooperation’s details are governed with a clear frame and project contract coordinated individually between the partners.

Enhance your professional network, balance over- and under-capacities flexibly !