Project Coaching, Audits and Supervision

pm_schutzengel_eYour projects should be completed in time and on budget? Of course! And without cuts in scope or quality! How many of your projects succeed in doing so?

How much performance and what value are  you getting per invested Euro in your projects? How often do you finish (too) late, with unplanned overtime hours and expensive re-work? How good is your Time-to-Market or your contribution to the strategic goals of your company?

Especially in many mid-sized enterprises (although not exclusively here) project management is often done “on the side” or specific PM Know-How is simply not sufficiently available. Efficiency and effectiveness suffer  – and so does the business case! Or you become a plaything for your consultants and suppliers. How good it would be for you to have an Expert, who – with profound methodology and professional experience – keeps an eye on the correct execution of the projects and intervenes with corrective actions, if there are flaws in tools or delivery or if something is heading into the wrong direction.

Independent experts as well as those from associations like PMI or IPMA show that with professional guidance and management of projects there is between 15 and 30% lower project cost and meeting the schedules increases by up to 50%. Especially when external consultants are put in charge of projects it pays for the buyer to have a neutral coach or auditor!

revision_eFrequent project audits or even a supporting project manager on customer side (coach or supervisor) ensures quality and delivery on plan and targets of your projects – a guarantor for efficiency and effectiveness of your investments. Additionally you can  systematically build up your own employees’ internal PM Know-how.

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