Project Planning and Leadership

erfolg_methode_eGood project management is your project’s key to success and cannot simply be done “on the side”. Projects need to be planned, coordinated and controlled properly and realistically in order to meet their targets in time and on budget. Without special methodological know-how of project management this is not achievable !

Some enterprises therefore build up special staff departments for project management, but in most cases (most of all in mid-sized companies) these capabilities are missing within their own staff. It is good if you have an expert at hand, who is able to set up and deliver projects with profound methodology and professional experience. If he also has good industry knowledge it’s a helpful add-on, but industry knowledge is not a critical factor since this may be brought in by the functional departments who contribute their specialists to the project team. Everyone contributes with his core competencies for the success of the whole !

Take the safe track – especially with your business critical projects – and make use of our professional expertise: as project manager, coach, or internal counterpart for external service providers. That’s always a better bargain than a project that fails to keep up with its schedule, cost or targets.

ur offering for contribution is  “modular” and can be combined to your requirements:

  • Project initiation, specifically clear definition of project targets, scope and expectations of results
  • Set up of milestones, plans and baselines for monitoring
  • Implementation of tools and techniques to lead and control the project
  • Hand over to a responsible project lead for execution, or responsible leadership by us
  • Frequent audits, coaching, revision (see also page project coaching)
Make sure you have a clear and realistic base for your corporate and cost planning, and look forward to projects that meet their goals !