Project Portfolio and Programme Management

ueberblick_eA project seldom comes alone. Mostly multiple initiatives run in parallel and are interconnected or interdependent. The functional departments share the responsibilities, and the resources are involved in multiple projects at the same time. Quickly you loose the overview, things are done redundantly or inefficiently, initiatives obstruct one another, even compete with one another or are not sufficiently aligned to the company’s goals.

pf_pg_pm_eOur Portfolio Management monitors the project portfolio, prioritizes based on  importance and contribution to the company’s success and supports the reporting feedback to the management.

Our Programme Management optimally coordinates the activities and resource usage over the individual projects optimally. Strategic and operational aspects are weighted and combined – to achieve an optimum in efficiency and value generation for your company.

This is the top class of project management and requires experienced professionals as well as the management’s support. We implement a Programme and Portfolio Management tailored to your business and can manage it while we train your employees and prepare for them to assume full command.

Get the best out of your initiatives, benefit from all synergies !